Take a Crack at These: 5 Innovative Plumber Tools

Take a Crack at These: 5 Innovative Plumber Tools

They say that the tools make the plumber, and they certainly aren’t wrong. As a self-named plumber, you’re always working with your hands and your tools. That said, you must make sure that your toolset is the best that there is to do the job.

Each year, new plumber tools are created to help you better carry out your tasks and wrap up the job quickly and easily. With that in mind, does it really pay to stick with your old tools?

No, it doesn’t. In fact, you’re working harder and making less pay, which is easily the worst combo that you could have in the work industry.

Play it smarter by ordering new tools to help your job run smoothly. 

The Most Innovative Plumber Tools on the Market

Here are just a few of the most impressive new plumbing tools currently out there. We’re sure you’ll see something you’ll want to buy. Check out the list below to find out.

Tubing Cutter

When it comes to plumbing, you have to deal with tubes and pipes. Sometimes you may have to cut these pipes and tubes, and the cut needs to be as precise as possible.

You can try to go the old way by cutting with a hacksaw…or, you can work like a professional and use a tubing cutter.

Specifically, we’re talking about the c-style cutter. This cutter can slice through multiple tubing thicknesses, plus it’s spring loaded, so there’s no need to worry about manually adjusting it as you cut.

Cordless Drain Cleaner

When there are drain cleaners, there are cords. You really can’t have one without the other. At least, that’s how things used to be – until now.

The cordless drain cleaner is one of the best things to come to the plumbing industry. No more will you have to look around for electrical outlets to plug into, as the cordless cleaner comes with a drum that holds its own power.

What’s more, the drain cleaner can snake down into the pipes up to 50 feet down the line and keeps up a consistent feed speed, so you know that any clog you encounter is as good as gone

Thread Sealing Tape

You’ve probably heard of thread sealing tape already, but you may not realize how important it is to have only the best for your plumbing endeavors.

Thread sealing tape is one of the most necessary things that a plumber can have. When pipes are being connected and locked together, the tape is used to wrap around the thread to help better seal the connecting pipes.

In other words, without the sealing tape, you run the risk of loose connections and spewing water out of the pipes, especially during the cold winter months. With that in mind, you should only have the best of the best securing the pipes together.

Luckily, thread sealing tape has come a long way. The sealant has gone through many tests, so now it’s much more resistant to high and low temperatures so that it can be used on any line regardless of the water temperature or climate.

The tape can also stretch much better than in the past, and it never dries out, meaning it’ll hold your pipes together for many years to come.

Sockets with Hands-Free Switching

You may not think this is the case, but plumbers deal with sockets more often than you think. Sockets are useful, but they can be cumbersome, especially when you have to carry around multiple ones.

It’s good to know that there are tools made to help with this.

There’s a new socket that allows you to switch between sizes hands-free. If you’re in need of switching out to another size, the socket already comes with multiple sizes built into each other so that you can change in an instant.

The sockets are also very deep, allowing you to work in hard to reach areas and screw in nuts onto long bolts.

Reversible Jaw Adjustable Wrench

The reversible jaw wrench is easily one of the most essential and practical tools invented in this past year.

Every plumber knows they will need wrenches to do their work. Pipes require wrenches to connect securely together. That said, having an adjustable wrench or two is the better way to go.

You probably already have an adjustable wrench of your own, but there may be times when you run across a pipe or a wrench, and you can’t get a good grip on it. Tightening the pipes could become a huge challenge at that point.

The reversible jaw adjustable wrench is the way to go when you run into this problem. The jaws themselves are two-sided. The first side is the standard adjustable wrench, which will work well for most of your jobs.

For the pipes that are tougher to grab, however, you can reverse the jaw. The reverse side has angled teeth to allow for a much stronger grip on the pipe, so you know that no matter the size of the pipe you will tighten it successfully.

These are just a few of the many new forms of new plumbing technology out there that could be useful to you. Make sure to get your hands on a few of your own today.

We Know Plumbing

As you can see, there are a number of impressive plumber tools that can help you on so many levels. However, there are times when you could use a little extra professional help to get the job done. Don’t worry – we can help.

Here at Millwood Plumbing, our biggest priority is making sure we give our customers the professional plumbing experience they need for their tasks.

We offer many services, including bathtub repair, shower replacement, faucet replacements, toilet repairs, and so much more. If water is involved, there’s a good chance that we can help you out.

Got a question for us that you’d like answered? We’d be happy to listen. Just give us a call and we’ll make sure you get the answers you need. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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