Garbage Disposal Repair: Getting off the Grind

Garbage Disposal Repair: Getting off the Grind

What to Do When You Need a Garbage Disposal Repair

There are so many great benefits that you’ll get to enjoy when you have a garbage disposal installed in your kitchen.

A garbage disposal can help you cut down on the amount of waste your home creates. It can also help you keep your kitchen smelling fresh. Moreover, it can even help make your life easier when you’re cooking and cleaning up in your kitchen.

But now and then, you’re likely going to experience problems with your garbage disposal. It’ll inevitably get jammed up with food or stop working due to overheating and require garbage disposal repair.

When you find yourself in this situation, you might be tempted to try and get to the bottom of the problem on your own. However, rather than taking that approach, you should consider calling on a professional plumber for help.

Here’s what to do when you need garbage disposal repair.

Stop Using Your Garbage Disposal Immediately

Is your garbage disposal making a strange sound when you turn it on or are you having a hard time getting it to grind up the things you’re putting into it on a regular basis?

At the first sign of trouble, you should shut your garbage disposal down and stop trying to grind things up with it. The last thing you want to do is make whatever problem you’re experiencing with your garbage disposal even worse than it already is.

You should turn your garbage disposal off. You should also consider turning off the circuit breakers connected to it so that someone else in your home doesn’t attempt to use it when you’re not around.

Make Sure the Problem with It Isn’t Something Obvious

More often than not, you’re going to want to call on the pros for help with garbage disposal repair. However, there are some obvious problems with a garbage disposal that you could potentially attempt to fix on your own.

For example, if your garbage disposal overheated while you were using it, it may have tripped itself and shut itself off to avoid damage. You can fix this in a matter of just seconds by looking for the red “Reset” button that’s on most garbage disposals and pressing it once your unit has cooled down.

That should get your garbage disposal up and running again. But be careful about trying to tackle more complicated garbage disposal repairs. You could hurt yourself or break your garbage disposal if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Find Plumbing Companies in Your Area That Offer Garbage Disposal Repair

If you suspect you have a more serious problem going on with your garbage disposal, you should hire a plumbing company to come out and look at it. But first, you’ll need to track down a company that offers garbage disposal repair as a service.

There are lots of different ways to find the right plumbing company for the job. You can:

  • Ask your family members, friends, and neighbors for recommendations
  • Use Google to search for plumbing companies in your area
  • Pull out the phone book and see if you can find plumbing companies in it
  • Browse through the “Services” pages on the websites of plumbing companies in your area
  • Contact plumbing companies directly to see if they offer the garbage disposal services you need

You’re going to find that there are plenty of plumbing companies out there that offer the services you need. Your goal should be to find the one that’ll do the best work in your home.

Read Online Reviews for Plumbing Companies

An easy way to narrow down your search for the right plumbing company is by scouring through online reviews for plumbing companies in your area. You can find reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more.

Once you have a few plumbing companies you think would do an excellent job, see what kinds of reviews you can find for them. Read through both positive and negative reviews to find out what customers have said about companies over the years.

Ideally, you should find at least a few companies that have a large number of positive reviews from those they’ve worked with in the past.

Schedule a Repair with the Plumbing Company You Like Most

After you’ve conducted a thorough search for plumbing companies in your area that can set you up with garbage disposal repair, there should be one company that stands out from all the rest.

Contact that company and ask them if they can send someone out to your home right away to take a closer look at your garbage disposal. Make sure they can do it while providing you with a fair and affordable rate.

Maintain Your Garbage Disposal Moving Forward

At the end of all this, you should be left with a garbage disposal that works the way it should again. Your garbage disposal should be back to grinding up the things you put into it once a plumber leaves your home.

Your goal from that point forward should be to maintain your garbage disposal so that you don’t need to worry about making more repairs to it anytime soon.

You can do this by watching what you put into your garbage disposal. You should never place things like bones, coffee grounds, eggshells, glass, or fibrous foods into it. Also, make sure you always use cold water when you’re running your garbage disposal.

Get the Garbage Disposal Repair You Need Today

Most homeowners don’t realize how vital their garbage disposal is until it stops working on them one day.

If you find yourself in this situation now, you should work to have garbage disposal repair done as soon as possible. It’ll get your garbage disposal back to work and prevent the inconvenience of having a garbage disposal that’s on the fritz.

Would you like to have your garbage disposal repaired today? Contact us to see how we can help you with all your garbage disposal needs.


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