Expert Advice: 4 Warning Signs of Loose Plumbing Fittings

Expert Advice: 4 Warning Signs of Loose Plumbing Fittings

How important is the well-being of your home to you? What about your business?

Most home and business owners don’t know the importance of qualified plumbers and quality plumbing materials.

However, poor plumbing work and materials can lead to a multitude of problems down the road, costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

You’re probably asking what the big deal is. It’s just putting pipes together, right?


The quality of a plumber and the materials they use can mean the difference between decades of a perfectly working plumbing system or decades of water damage, repairs, and expenses.

Read on to learn four negative effects of loose plumbing fittings.

Possible Effects of Loose Plumbing Fittings


1. Pressure Loss

Loose plumbing fittings can cause a significant drop in water pressure.

Low water pressure or low-flow in your house or business comes with a variety of consequences.

First, trying to take a shower with low water pressure is dissatisfying, to say the least. It also takes much longer to rinse off all the shampoo, conditioner, and soap, prolonging the misery.

Secondly, appliances that use water like dishwashers and washing machines take longer to fill up, therefore taking more energy and affecting water temperatures longer.

Finally, with low water pressure, using two water sources at once becomes almost impossible, reducing faucet flow to nearly a drip.

2. Leakage from Loose Plumbing Fittings

A more serious negative effect of loose plumbing fittings is the water damage that will result from water leakage.

Loose fittings on a water pipe can silently leak water for months to years before you become aware of the problem. The constant leak will lead to mold build-up, which can also start to affect the health of your family or customers.

Additionally, constant water leakage can lead to structural and foundational damage, which can take tens of thousands of dollars and months of work to fix.

Ensuring you have a solid plumber and quality materials being used on your house or business can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Avoid leakage! Check out these plumbing tips for winter!

3. Drainage Problems

Like leakage problems, drainage problems can cause a myriad of water damage-related issues.

If you have loose plumbing fittings connected to your shower or tub, every time you shower or take a bath, you are likely to leak water into the inside of the walls.

Over time, this will have the same effect as active water leakage.

4. Expenses

As mentioned above, loose pipe fittings can silently leak water for months or even years without you noticing! Pay attention to your utility bill. If you see an unexpected increase of your water bill, double check your plumbing fittings to make sure it’s not a leak. This could save you hundreds of dollars down the road.

Aside from wasting dollars on water leaks, the aftermath of loose plumbing fittings can be astronomically expensive. Structural damage can take months to repair!

For example, hiring an inspector to examine the mold situation in your house or business can cost up to $600. Removing the mold can cost anywhere from $500 to $30,000 depending on the severity of the damage and spread of the mold.

Alternatively, replacing drywall and structural framing due to water damage can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Regardless, all these remedial fixes will turn your house or business into a construction zone, which can create its own problems.

Quality Plumbing Services

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