Why Would I Need an Emergency Plumber?

Why Would I Need an Emergency Plumber?

According to statistics, household water leaks often amount to 10,000 gallons of wasted water annually. That’s about 1 trillion gallons nationwide. The wasted water is enough to provide for more than 11 million homes.

Leaks are generally simple to repair. However, when do they necessitate a call to an emergency plumber?

Plumbing companies operate during regular business hours. But everyone knows plumbing emergencies do not always occur at convenient times.

Calling an emergency plumber is more expensive, so be cautious when deciding whether to do so.

Continue reading to find out when you should call for emergency plumbing services.

Water Leakage

We cannot classify all water leaks as emergencies. But whenever you see signs of extensive leakage, call an emergency plumber immediately.

Water leakage will affect your house’s integrity. Note that some leaks are silent, and you will only notice them after they have already done extensive damage to your home.

The formation of mold and mildew might result in serious health problems. You and your loved ones are at risk of respiratory tract symptoms, asthma, itchy eyes, etc.

Water leakage is also a fire hazard since it might reach your house’s electrical wiring causing short circuits. Also, leaks can hurt your wallet, especially when they go unnoticed for a long time.

Once you spot these signs, you will know if it calls for a plumbing emergency.

Damaged or Burst Pipes

If left unattended, damaged or burst pipes will cause flooding. Flooding is always bad news in your home since it can cause structural damage.

Remember, a single burst pipe may release gallons of water within a short time. Excess water weakens the walls, ceiling, furniture, and flooring, compromising your household safety.

If you don’t call a plumber immediately, it may be a huge blow to your finances. Don’t try repairing it yourself since the integrity of your home’s structure is at stake.

Also, if unattended, the damage will worsen, making you lose more money. All you have to do is ensure you shut the main water supply before calling a professional emergency plumber.

After that, save any belongings to prevent further water damage. Many reasons may lead to burst pipes. But they are most common in winter when pipes freeze, causing damage.

Overflowing Toilet

Reasons like clogged pipes or damage to the float mechanism are the usual causes of overflowing toilets. The issue is a grave nightmare to deal with alone.

To stop an overflowing toilet, you should only have to reach behind the toilet and turn the water valve clockwise. But, first, try the plunger. If that does not work and water keeps overflowing, that is an emergency. In some cases, you’ll have to turn off the water at the main.

Whenever you have to turn off the water supply to fix a leaky toilet, ensure you call an emergency plumber since your home won’t have water until a plumber fixes the issue.

Gas Leaks

Leaking gas is a situation that will require a swift call to an emergency plumber. Since natural gas is odorless, companies add a chemical to add a smell to it.

That’s why we often notice whenever there’s a gas leak in our homes. The first sign of gas leaks is the smell of sulfur or rotten egg.

Whistling or hissing sounds may also indicate gas leaks, particularly if you hear them close to a gas line. Also, check if there is cloud formation in the room.

When cooking, try to observe the flames on your stove. There is a ventilation issue if they are any other color than blue.

Here are the physical symptoms a gas leak will cause:

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Nosebleeds
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Malaise
  • Irritated eyes and skin

These will only be mild symptoms, but extensive exposure will cause severe health issues or death. The most vulnerable ones are children, pets, and plants.

Call an emergency plumber immediately if you notice a gas leak.

Clogged Drains

Though clogging is inevitable at your home, try to prevent it nonetheless. Paper towels, hair, and wipes ending up in the main pipes are common causes of clogged systems.

Try always to remove these materials from drains whenever you can. But, some other causes are not easy to prevent. For instance, a tree root may grow through cracks creating blockages.

It becomes hard to identify such cases, and that’s why you should contact the best plumbing company. Slow drainage, puddles of water, and bubbling water are some signs you have clogged drains.

After noticing these signs, call in a plumber immediately before the plumbing problems become severe.

Water Heater Failure

Heated water is a luxury to some people, but it’s necessary to others. No hot water can be an emergency for those who can’t do without a hot shower, especially during the colder months.

You’re in trouble if you run out of hot water in the winter. Cold water may shock the body, making it dangerous for kids and the elderly.

There’s a low risk for hyperthermia if your home has proper heating. However, a water heater failure and a cold room are dangerous.

Remember, a lack of hot water may be an emergency in some seasons. When there are no alternatives to getting hot water in your home, you need an emergency plumber to repair the water heater.

You Now Know When to Call an Emergency Plumber

Whenever you have a plumbing emergency, be calm and stay on top of things. In case of water and gas leaks, ensure you turn off the supply and shut off the main valve.

Remember, not all plumbing issues are emergencies. But, when it is, calling an emergency plumber will help you avoid more stress.

At Millwood Plumbing, our knowledgeable technicians will offer you quality plumbing services. We will solve your problem quickly with our emergency plumbers, who are on call and ready to help.

Contact us now for an affordable plumbing service you can trust.

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