How Difficult is Adding a Bathroom to Your House?

How Difficult is Adding a Bathroom to Your House?

The general rule for home maintenance is to set aside around one percent of your home’s value per year to take care of it. However, at some point, many people want to make changes like adding a bathroom.

If you’re worried that it’s too difficult a project, here are some things to think about.

Why Add a New Bathroom?

Before you start hacking away at your home, consider the value of an extra bathroom. The frustration of waiting to take a shower or not wanting to go up or downstairs every time you need to use a bathroom is a reasonable concern. However, there’s a measurable value to how much it could increase the worth of your home.

Many buyers will want a home with at least two full bathrooms if there are more than two bedrooms. Adding a bathroom could make your home more desirable if you sell it. If refinancing is necessary, you could get more for your home on a second look at your mortgage calculated based on the state of your home.

For those not looking to sell, it might just be a matter of enjoying your home more. Those who like to host parties or have friends and family stay might find adding a bathroom makes that easier.

Adding a Bathroom is Easier than You Think

Consider the Cost

One of the biggest hurdles to adding another bathroom is the cost. So many people don’t even consider it because they’re sure that it’s going to be far out of reach. However, it might not be as prohibitively expensive as you think.

Being apprehensive is understandable, but a small build-out doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are some smart tricks to adding the extra plumbing and installation work that will allow the benefit of an additional bathroom to outweigh the costs.

Factors that Affect Price

The upfront investment could cost a few thousand dollars if you already have the room to do it. If you need to add to your home, it could run into tens of thousands of dollars. It’s all about how much of a bathroom you want and what kind of space you currently have.

A large and luxurious bathroom is going to cost more than a small one, of course. But what many people don’t think of is the cost of taxes. If property taxes are already a pain in the neck, adding to the value of your home could end up making that annual tax bill climb upward.

Location, Location, Location

Your first major hurdle might come in finding the right space for your bathroom. However, you can add a half-bathroom with just a 15-20 square foot area of space. With 25 square feet or more, you could consider adding a small shower if need be.

So long as there are sufficient outlets, enough ventilation, and some insulation, you can find a way to add a bathroom. Think carefully and you might be able to turn even an underused closet into an extra bathroom.

Transform Unused Space

If your hallway goes to the end of your home, you could have the perfect spot for your new bathroom. Those hallways with no rooms on either side and just a window are excellent spots.

Even a large master bedroom might have some extra space for a bathroom. Partition a little bit of space that you don’t use, and you could give yourself enough space to add an extra sink and toilet for getting ready for bed.

You may even want to consider subdividing existing bathrooms. In homes with one huge bathroom, perhaps the space could be cut in half to make room for a second one.

Be Smart About Plumbing

Plumbing is the biggest hurdle for anyone adding a new bathroom. You need to plan carefully, so you spend as little as possible and avoid making your home more complicated than it needs to be.

Have an idea of what you want the bathroom to look like before you begin. Look at photos on Pinterest, in magazines, and on websites to see what it could look like.

Placement of Fixtures

Before you commit to an idea, design your layout and place your fixtures carefully. If you can put pipes close enough to existing plumbing, you could save a lot on construction costs and even on plumbing bills later on. Your waste and water lines can be a pain to extend, so make sure you do your best only to extend them short distances.

Bathroom Access

Think about your door too. Your entrance needs to get around any changes you make and allow you to make the most of the space you have. Sliding doors are an economical way to get the space that you need without having a door swing out and add a larger footprint for your bathroom.

A Bathroom Addition Can Be a Quick Process

While you should expect the construction to take some time, especially if you’re doing it yourself, it doesn’t take forever. A comprehensive renovation can take upwards of five weeks, but a smaller and less extensive job can take just a few weeks.

If you’re adding to the footprint of your home, it will take longer than it would if you’re adding the bathroom to extra space. That’s all the more reason to make the most of your space with a bathroom.

Adding a Bathroom is a Smart Investment

If you consider all of the ways that you could invest in your home, adding a bathroom is one of the smartest ones. Not only is it practical, but it can increase the value of your home.

To start saving for your investment now, make sure you check out our home bathroom repair guides. We love helping homeowners increase the value of their homes. When you’re ready to seek professional help for your home renovations, contact us for quality work and peace of mind.

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