How to Add a Bathroom to a Basement With as Little Stress as Possible

How to Add a Bathroom to a Basement With as Little Stress as Possible

Do you have a home with a finished basement and wonder how to maximize the space?

Have you ever thought about adding a bathroom to your basement but wasn’t sure if it was a good idea?

Whether you want to add more living space, update an existing layout or simply increase the value of your home; a basement bathroom is a great place to start.

Read on to find out how to add a bathroom to a basement and why you should.

Why Your Next Upgrade Should be a Basement Bathroom

The Convenience Factor

If you are using your basement for recreational purposes, adding a bathroom will make it much more enjoyable. You, your family, and guests will no longer have to run up and down the stairs to use the restroom.

This is especially true if your basement is used by small children who find it difficult to climb stairs and often wait until the last minute before heading towards a restroom.

In addition, there will be no more interruptions for those who are upstairs by people coming and going through the house to get to the restroom.

Speaking of interruptions, having a plumbing emergency can quickly interrupt your day. Check out these signs when you really need to call a plumber.

Full or Half Bath

You have the option to go with a full or half bath. If your space is limited, you may just want to go with a sink and a toilet. This provides the basic function without much room and is also less expensive.

However, if you have a bedroom, or are thinking to add one; a full bath is the way to go. Overnight guests will appreciate having their own facilities and make their entire stay more enjoyable.

Use as Rental Property

With a full finished space, including a bathroom, you turn your basement into a separate rental unit.

You may want to rent full time or just offer to someone who is traveling on a short term basis. Travelers are opting to stay in someone’s home, over a hotel, much more frequently these days.

The extra income is an added bonus and can help recoup the cost of the bathroom renovation.

You can also spotlight the rental unit potential if you ever decide to sell. This option may appeal to buyers looking to also make extra money to help with the mortgage.

Add a Bathroom to a Basement to Increase Value

An empty basement offers little value except for possible room as storage. Adding a bathroom and a few touches creates an open living space for your family and friends to enjoy and relax in comfort.

The bathroom, specifically, makes it a livable space and this will increase the market value of your home. Buyers will not see a dark void below your home, but will instead see an extra family room, bedroom or potential rental opportunity.

The Time is Now

Now is the perfect time to turn your finished basement into the beautiful living space you have always wanted.

Our experts can design a layout that will fit into your current space and budget.

Let us show you how to add a bathroom to a basement with the least amount of stress to your lifestyle.

For information on how we can help with all your plumbing needs, please reach out.

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