The Ultimate Bathroom Remodel Checklist

The Ultimate Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Many households renovate their bathrooms for different reasons. They improve their utilities, fix existing problems, and increase home value with remodeling. Studies show that the average amount spent on bathroom remodeling ranges from $6,611 to $16,630 in the US.

However, bathroom remodeling is no easy task. While it may seem like easy work because it’s only one room, you may get overwhelmed by the time and money you need to finish it. There are materials and processes to follow to achieve your desired bathroom.

To prevent stress here’s a bathroom remodel checklist you can use as a guide. Read on to learn more.

What to Do?

Before you start renovating, there are things you must do first. Continue reading to determine what to do before doing a project.

1. Set Your Bathroom Goals

If remodeling your bathroom has been on your mind for a long time, you must have a vision of the look of the space. Before starting a renovation project, you must identify your goals. Setting goals creates a structured process, saves you money, and reduces time spent.

You first need to identify the needs and wants of your bathroom remodeling. Consider the design, budget, and time frame. Are you looking for a complete makeover or a few minor changes?

If you plan to have a massive renovation, it’s best to look for bathroom remodeling services.

2. Allocate a Budget

Depending on your goal, bathroom remodeling can be expensive or affordable. To plan a budget, you must understand the cost of a modern bathroom remodel. By establishing a plan fast, you can get a realistic budget estimate.

The average cost to renovate a bathroom in Atlanta, Georgia, ranges from $7,000 to $18,000. However, it can differ depending on the scope of the remodeling project.

Apart from your goals, it’s crucial to understand the labor cost for a bathroom remodel project. When you hire a remodeling company, they have members with specialized skills. With this, determine which of your plan need professional work, and you can do it yourself.

The ideal budget for a renovation project is about 5% to 10% of the total value of your house. It can include fixtures, flooring, and storage. Moreover, set aside at least 20% of your remodel budget for unexpected expenses.

3. Creating a Timeline

Next on the bathroom remodel checklist is creating a timeline. With a structured timetable, you can break down tasks and control costs. Thus, devise a logical schedule to follow for your bathroom remodeling.

Some people assume that the renovation of small spaces takes less time to finish. However, it’s not always the case. The project can take longer to complete if you opt to make massive changes and reparations.

A timeline should not only cover the duration of the remodeling work. You must include specific steps, such as buying tile and custom-building cabinets.

To reduce clean-up time and prevent mistakes, do the tasks in a specific sequence. It’s ideal to start from the top going down. For instance, start doing your ceiling if you plan to change it and do the flooring last.

What to Change?

Not sure what your bathroom needs? Here are things to consider for your bathroom remodel.

1. Plumbing Fixtures and Features

Changing plumbing fixtures is easy. However, you need a permit from your local government if you’re going to change their location. You may want to center your sink or move the toilet further from the shower.

When you move your plumbing fixtures, remember that the plumbing system will change accordingly.

Going to the plumbing fixtures, you can choose from vast options of devices to install. For instance, there are different types of toilets, from traditional to modern designs.

If you plan a modern bathroom remodel, consider changing the hardware used. You can change your door handles, shower door hardware, and drawer pull handles. Find features that use modern colors or can go well with your style.

2. Walls and Flooring

Any waterproof material is okay to use for surfacing walls and floors. However, tiles are more durable and often more appealing to the eye. You can choose from many tile options depending on your style and preferred aesthetic.

When it comes to shower floors, your safety is your priority. You must use slip-resistant flooring to prevent accidents. Smaller tiles because they have more grouts, which reduces slipperiness.

Feel free to go wild with your shower walls! For shower walls, the texture and size of tiles don’t matter. You only need to find the best complementary tiles.

3. Lighting and Exhaust System

Do you want your bathroom to be brighter or darker? For bathroom lighting, you have many options to consider. In a bathroom, your primary light sources are your vanity, shower, and overall lights.

You can have all these lights and install more light fixtures. However, you must consider the size of the sources and the traffic space. Ask yourself if it’s suitable for the size of your bathroom.

Your exhaust system is as vital as other parts of your bathroom. Besides removing odors, your fan prevents mold by removing warmth and moisture. So, keep in mind to get your exhaust checked and changed during the renovation.

If you change your electrical system, you need a permit, too. With Millwood Plumbing, our team can help you apply for remodeling permits.

4. Storage and Accessories

Designing and adding storage in small spaces can get complicated. When installing shelves and cabinets, you must ensure they are functional and accommodating. Apart from these, your storage units must be reachable and fit in the available space.

Although insignificant in the whole project, accessories complete the remodeling. Racks, mats, and towels can elevate the bathroom aesthetic.

Your Ultimate Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Renovating a space in your home is an extensive and complicated project. With a checklist, you have a systematic process to follow, thus, preventing mistakes and extra costs.

You can use our bathroom remodel checklist as a guide for your project. If you need a remodeling service, Millwood Plumbing has you covered. Reach us here to get started.

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