Top 7 Kitchen Remodeling Tools Needed for Your Project

Top 7 Kitchen Remodeling Tools Needed for Your Project

If you’d like to make significant changes in your home, look no further than the kitchen. This is one of the biggest selling points of any property and one of the most important areas of improvement you can take advantage of.

A well-done kitchen remodel can recoup nearly 78% of the project costs. While hiring a pro to handle your home kitchen update can achieve great results, you might also decide to go the DIY route. If so, it’s essential to stock up on the best tools for the job.

7 Essential Kitchen Remodeling Tools

The kitchen remodeling tools below are crucial for your next project.

1. A Professional Quality Ladder

Your kitchen remodel necessitates working vertically seamlessly. Perhaps you’re installing new kitchen lighting or applying some paint or wallpaper. Regardless, invest in a professional quality ladder that will stay sturdy and change levels without an issue.

The ladder should have plenty of room for footing and the ability to adjust it to different heights. A collapsable ladder can be easily tucked away in your garage or storage shed for safekeeping.

2. Cordless Drill With Bits

Every good contractor needs a drill. When you’re working on things like installing cabinets, hanging wall fixtures, and tightening loose screws, you shave precious time off of your project with a cordless drill. This helps you stick to your kitchen remodel budget while providing better craftsmanship.

Here are some specifications you should check for when buying a cordless drill:

  • The type of clutch
  • Whether it has a half-inch, 3/8-inch, or other size chucks
  • Voltage – go with a drill that has between 9.6 and 12 volts
  • Test out the texture of the hand grip to make sure it’s comfortable
  • Battery life and whether it comes with a backup

Along with the specs, make sure to purchase an array of high-quality drill bits that you can swap in and out as needed.

3. Precise Measuring Tools

Precision is the main thing you can expect from a kitchen remodeling service company. People tend to cut corners when doing their own projects, which leads to shoddy work. The devil is in the details, so stock up on the best measuring tools for the job.

Some measuring tools you’ll want to invest in for your kitchen remodel include:

  • Durable, easy-to-use tape measure of at least 25 feet
  • Bubble levels
  • Contractor’s pencils to create marks
  • A smartphone with a quality camera
  • A pad of grid paper

Handle your measurements carefully and check them two or three times before proceeding with any critical part of the project. This way, you’ll avoid mistakes and get more longevity from the project.

4. Quality Safety Equipment

Your kitchen remodel project also comes with potential hazards. Stock up on safety equipment to protect yourself from injury. Each project is different, but there are some tools and equipment that you’ll need to keep in full supply, including:

  • A pair of durable, rubber-soled shoes with a grip
  • Work gloves
  • Goggles, visors, and other forms of eye protection
  • A mask to avoid inhaling fumes and sawdust
  • Knee pads and knee savers for extended squatting and kneeling

Never attempt to complete a project without wearing your safety gear. It’ll give you peace of mind as you work and prevent a trip to the emergency room.

5. Helpful Light Sources

Remodeling your kitchen is a project that can take place around the clock and sometimes without light sources as you swap out fixtures. You might also operate in some dark corners and crevices while working. Because of this, you need some work lights to help with visibility.

Look into free-standing or hanging light-emitting diode (LED) lamps to help. These lights are not only brighter than incandescent lighting, but they also run cool and don’t take up as much energy. You can also invest in a hard hat equipped with a light on top to have visibility wherever you’re working and at any time of day.

6. Equipment to Test Voltage

Kitchen work often involves handling some electricity. While the heavy-duty work should be left to seasoned professionals, you can handle some of it on your own – as long as you test the voltage first.

About 30,000 electrical shocks per year are non-fatal, but there are 1,000 reported deaths. You can prevent electrical shock by having the correct information. Invest in a voltage meter that gives you quick and accurate readouts so that you always know what you’re dealing with.

7. A Shop Vacuum

Finally, make sure you invest in a quality shop vacuum. Kitchen remodels are messy, and your project isn’t complete without cleanup. A shop vacuum can handle all of the debris that these projects bring and will take care of it quickly.

These tips will ensure you put the finishing touches on your kitchen so you can start using it as quickly as possible.

Stock Up on the Best Kitchen Remodeling Tools

When you have the right kitchen remodeling tools, you’re mere steps away from the best-completed project. You’ll be in good hands if you get your supplies in order. And when you have the tools that the professionals use, every detail will be accounted for.

Check out our other articles to help you get the most out of your next home improvement project. In the meantime, we’re glad to answer any questions you have. Contact us on our site or call (770) 974-3950 for a free quote.

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