6 Essential Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom

6 Essential Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom

In 2021 alone, Americans spent a whopping $538 billion on home renovations. If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom, you have come to the right place. Remodeling your bathroom is a big undertaking, requiring careful planning and thought before you start.

From setting a budget to choosing the right design and materials, we will help guide you through the process step-by-step.

By following our advice, we guarantee your bathroom remodel will succeed! So, let’s get started and look at some essential tips for successful bathroom remodeling.

1. Set a Budget

Before you begin your bathroom remodel, you must set a budget and stick to it. Consider the materials you want to use, their associated costs, and any labor costs for the project. When developing a budget, be sure to allow for a 10-15% contingency for unexpected expenses that may arise.

Also, consider any special features or fixtures you may want in your bathroom, such as heated floors, unique finishes, or higher-quality plumbing fixtures. Setting an upper limit regarding spending can help keep your renovation costs in check and prevent overspending.

Finally, if possible, try to find ways to save money on the project. Reusing existing fixtures such as toilets, showers, and sinks can help save on costs while still giving your bathroom a new look. Shopping around for materials can also be a great way to get prices that fit within your budget.

2. Choose the Right Fixtures and Materials

Making the right choices when it comes to fixtures and materials is essential for a successful bathroom remodel. From sinks, bathtubs, and toilets to flooring, tile, and wall treatments, you have a range of options.

Quality Light

When it comes to lasting value, quality materials should be at the top of your list. Solid surfaces like stone or marble are excellent choices for countertops and surfaces that are subjected to water.

They can last for decades when properly maintained. For tubs or sinks, enameled cast iron or stainless steel are excellent choices against moisture and water exposure.

Durable Flooring

When selecting flooring for your bathroom remodel, look for materials that are non-porous and resistant to water damage. Natural stone tile or engineered wood floors are great options for handling high moisture levels without warping or discoloration.

To further protect your flooring investment, choose mats made of rubberized material that repels moisture away from the floor’s surface.

By opting for quality products and materials tailored to your bathroom’s specific needs and environment, you can ensure your remodeling project will result in a beautiful room with lasting value.

3. Consider the Layout

When planning to remodel your bathroom, consider the layout. Think about what works best for you and your family’s needs.

Do you want the new shower and toilet to be next to one another, or would having them on opposite sides of the room make more sense? Is there a specific spot ideal for a double-sink vanity or a linen closet?

You don’t have to stick with the same layout that is currently in place. By moving things around, you can open up more floor space, create better flow and improve access in the most used areas of your bathroom.

With careful planning, you are sure to create a bathroom that is not only beautiful and functional but also energy-efficient for years of enjoyment.

4. Plan for Storage

If you want to ensure your bathroom remodel is successful, planning for storage is essential. Adding shelves, drawers, and cabinets to your bathroom can maximize the space and create a much more organized and efficient environment.

When considering storage options for your bathroom remodel, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Measure the available space and determine how much storage you need
  • Consider hanging shelves or installing a tall cabinet for items that don’t need frequent access
  • Install drawers and shallow shelves for things like toiletries, towels, and other frequently used items
  • Maximize the use of vertical space by installing wall cabinets or floor-to-ceiling units
  • Utilize any nooks or corners in the room that could be used for additional storage space

No matter what size bathroom you have, it’s important to plan ahead for storage so that your bathroom can meet all your needs. With careful planning, creating a functional and stylish bathroom that will last for years is possible.

5. Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting is essential in any bathroom remodel – it can help create the perfect atmosphere and ensure you have enough light to complete your grooming routine.

When it comes to lighting, there are a few things you should take into consideration:

Task Lighting

To make shaving and makeup applications easier, task lighting is essential. You may want to opt for recessed can lights or wall-mounted fixtures that are adjustable.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting helps create a softer atmosphere in the bathroom, such as wall sconces or ceiling-mounted fixtures.

Natural Light

If your bathroom has a window, maximize its potential with light-diffusing curtains or shades to ensure you get enough natural light during the day without sacrificing privacy.

Dimmer Switches

Many bathrooms feature dimmer switches which allow you to customize your bathroom’s light intensity based on the season or time of day – this adds versatility while letting you maintain an ideal level of lighting throughout the year.

6. Hire the Best Bathroom Renovation Contractor

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, getting the job done right is essential. That’s why it’s important to hire a renovation contractor who knows how to remodel your bathroom to make your project affordable and successful.

Here are some key points to consider when choosing a contractor:


Ask for references from friends and family, or check online reviews and ratings. Talk to at least three different contractors before making your decision to get a good idea of their expertise and customer service.

The contractor should also be appropriately licensed and insured so you know your project is in good hands.

Project Scope

Ensure the contractor understands your project’s scope before submitting a bid. The more details they know, the better they can estimate costs and timelines.

Price Estimate

Get multiple bid estimates to compare prices and ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. By keeping these tips in mind when choosing a renovation contractor, you’ll be on your way to creating the bathroom of your dreams!

Remodeling Your Bathroom? Consult a Pro

Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to increase your home’s value and provide a functional and stylish bathroom.

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